Why You Should Wear Perfume

Do you really need to wear perfume? What if you just ensure that you don’t stink? What about taking a shower twice a day and generally keeping up good hygiene? That’s great! But wearing a perfume goes past trying to mask the sweat stink or body odour, the art of wearing fragrances dates back many centuries. In the old times, rulers and influential people wear perfume to entice the masses, gain attention and create a hypnotic ambiance.


In modern times, the art of wearing perfumes has even more essence. Have you gone past a person and they smell so good you had to turn around and give them a second look? you have, haven’t you? When you perceived the fragrance, does it have an effect on your mood? Does it make you smile, laugh or get you to want to start a conversation with that person? Yes? Now that’s it!

When you wear perfume you try to create a certain effect; it could be to smell nice, enhance your mood or lift your spirit, you could wear perfume to express your personality or project your mood, whether you feel playful, mischievous or even adventurous. More so, wearing perfume can help to boost confidence; just like wearing a pretty dress or a tux, they make you feel confident in your appearance, the right fragrance can make you feel like you can conquer the world!


Ever perceived scent and you go- oh! that scent reminds me of Jide! Right? That is because fragrances are memory triggers, and we tend to associate people with particular fragrances. They sometimes function as aphrodisiacs; as certain perfumes contain pheromones which could cause you to become attracted to a person- this is more common with men.


Now you see wearing perfume is an art you should embrace and enjoy. Ever created a fun and beautiful memories wearing perfume? Share with us!

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